Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Challenge # 3 DOPEY

Welcome to our third challenge!!! You girls are ROCKING these!!!

Challenge: Use the following sketch to create a LO that is Silly.. that can be your title, photo's, journaling... whatever! Just make us laugh!! Can't wait to see!!

Sketch: Created by Darlene D'Eon
Sketch Team Layouts
Treasure hunt Letters:
Letter #1.... P

Letter #2.... Go to Ann's blog

Letter #3... go to Guylaine's blog

Letter # 4... go to Darlene's Blog

Save these letters... gather one every Friday and Tuesday! At the end of the month, unscramble them and email me the secret word!! capturethesesketches@live.com
You can play in the treasure hunt EVEN if you don't get any scrapping done! :) Good luck!

When you complete this challenge, either email it to me (capturethesesketches@live.com) with DOPEY in the title, or load it into the LCOM gallery. And be SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT HERE stating that you completed it! :)
Good luck, and HAPPY SCRAPPING!
Now off to Darlene's blog you go!!


Tanya said...

what FUN layouts!!!

mica said...

Love this sketch. I haven't started scrapping yet. I am hoping to get 1 or 2 done this weekend:)

Dana said...

Wow! This is a great sketch Darlene! The layouts are wonderful! Thanks for such fun layouts!

Guiseppa said...

Nice sketch Darlene! I got this one done too!

Gisèle said...

mine is in the L-COM sketch gallery:-)

Tarynne said...

I finished mine!! I added it to the gallery.. I just wanted to make sure I did it right if someone can look for me!! Thanks!


love this sketch and b/w photo too- so I mailed you my take of this one

Kathy said...

Just emailed my page to you. And thank you....I laughed all the while when scrapping it!

pictures2pages said...

This was a fun sketch, or maybe just fun pics!!! I posted mine in the gallery.

mica said...

Love this sketch. I flipped it 90 degrees. Here is the link to the gallery.

Mazlina said...

the snow white challenges are awesome!! love them all.. but here's my take on this one..


Annelies said...

My Dopey Challenge is posted on LCOM!

Michelle said...

Here's mine! Great sketch


Jacqueline said...

Loved this sketch - thanks!

blair5 said...

My Dopey LO is in the gallery.

Hayley G said...

Mine is in the gallery! (hayleycreates)

jude said...

mine is in the gallery

Kathy said...

I uploaded mine into the LCOM sketch gallery today.