Saturday, January 2, 2010

Technical troubles

Hello everyone!!! Happy New year to you all!! We have missed you!! We took the week of Christmas off and it seems like FOREVER since we have posted!!!

Now, starting off the new year with technical troubles on my end is NOT the way I wanted to start off! :( However, it is how it is going for me. For some reason, I'm unable to access LCOM today to get access to all of the fabulous LO's that I have to show you!! So, you just might have to wait until this nasty snow storm lets up, and then I should be good to go!!

However, I CAN introduce you to our Guest Designer for Jan, 2010!! And I CAN Share our Jan Sponsor with you... AND I CAN let you in on some new things for 2010!!! So.... that I will do!!

However, I'll do it in a new post, so that when I am able to add the sketch and LO's, I will do so! :)

Thanks for your patience... and here's hoping for an AMAZING year in 2010!!!

Stay tuned...

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