Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thank you!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our very first blog hop!!! Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, so we will DEFINATELY be doing this again soon!!! Stay tuned!!

The winner of the blog hop My Stamp Box stamps will be posted Monday evening!! :)

Also wanted to take a minute to memtion to you our Mystery Sketch challenge taking place over at Lets Capture Our Memories! Never did a mystery sketch? Wanna know how to play?

What we do is pick a week to do a sketch... You have to be signed up. On the first day, we start our LO... I'll give you a very basic sketch. The second day, I'll add to it and so on until all 5 are completed! :) But in order for it to be fair you have to play each day... or at least promise NOT to look ahead until you're ready for that day! :) Then we will reveal at the end of the assignment!!

Sound like fun? If you're interested, go here to sign up!! you must be registered to see the message board and to take part, but we'd LOVE to have you join in!!! :)
Hope to see you there!!
You have until 6PM AST to sign up!! here is the time difference...

Happy Scrapping!!


Calia Yang said...

This sounds like BILLIONS of fun!!!! can't wait!

Tara said...